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Official Parking Guide for Roanoke, VA

Appealing a Parking Citation
If you feel you have been unjustly cited for a parking violation or believe a citation was issued in error, there is a two-level appeal process in place that must be followed.


The first level is an administrative review by PARK Roanoke.  This allows us to dismiss the citation if there are facts, events or circumstances that were unknown to the issuing officer that may affect the validity of the citation. For an appeal to be successful there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, it occurred due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control, or there were other extraordinary circumstances that should be considered, such as
  • Improperly written
  • Questionable signs
  • Valid reasons stated with clear supporting documentation. Examples include: stolen or transferred vehicle, stolen license plate, owner deceased, permit not visible, pre-paid for parking.
  • If the appeal is for a disabled parking violation and the driver has a valid disabled placard, please attach a copy of both the disabled placard and DMV issued wallet card.

Please review these generally invalid reasons for contesting a parking citation:

  • Lack of knowledge of the city’s Parking Regulations
  • Failure to notice or read the parking signs
  • Inability to find a valid, convenient parking space
  • Observing other vehicles illegally parked
  • Late to meeting, interview or appointment etc…
  • Someone else driving your vehicle
  • Hazard lights (flashers) were on
  • There was a passenger left in the vehicle
  • There were no curb markings or paint
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Parking for a “short” period
  • Failure to properly display a permit or parking hangtag
  • Have not received citations in the past for the same violation

Please be advised: All appeals must be received within 10 calendar days of citation issuance. To file an appeal, visit You will enter the citation number or license plate number to access the citation. Click ‘Appeal’ under the citation number. The photo evidence will appear and you may choose to pay the citation or fill out the appeal form.

Appeals are reviewed weekly and the decision will be sent via e-mail within 7 – 14 days. While the appeal is being reviewed the citation is placed “on hold” and no additional fees or fines will be assessed during this period.


A court hearing may be requested following a denied administrative review appeal. The request must be received within 30 calendar days of citation issuance. PARK Roanoke will establish the court date and prepare the necessary documents for court appearance. Please be advised that with appeals to court that additional court costs may apply. If a request is not received in time, the hold is released and any remaining fines or fees will be added to the citation if payment in full is not received.

Your hearing request will be forwarded to the District Court for scheduling and will also serve as an official request to have the parking enforcement officer present at the trial. The District Court will notify you when your hearing is scheduled.