Online Parking Reservations for Park Roanoke | Roanoke, VA

Official Parking Guide for Roanoke, VA

Monthly Payments
PARK Roanoke offers many ways to pay for parking. The easiest way to pay for daily parking is by using the date picker found on each location page.

Monthly Payments

PARK Roanoke offers many convenient options for payment.

If you currently have or wish to have automatic deductions from a bank account or credit card:

  • Select Monthly Payments
  • Enter your Account Number (user id) and Pin Number (provided above). You will change the pin to a password after the first sign in.
  • Select either Select Setup Automatic Pay for automatic deduction set-up (or Pay Now for one-time payment).

It is important to note how our billing is calculated and when changes will be reflected.

The outline of the billing process is as follows:

Submitting Changes:
Changes should be submitted no later than the 13th of each month. Any changes received after the 13th will not be reflected until the following month.

Adding a parker to your account (Changes Incurred):
If added between 1st and 14th – Full month charge
If added between 15th and 31st – Half-month charge

Deleting a parker from your account (Credits Received):
If deleted on the 1st – Full month credit
If deleted between 2nd and 15th – Half month credit
If deleted between 16th and 31st – No credit

Monthly Invoice:
Monthly invoices are generated and mailed out around the 15th of the month for the following month (example: SP Plus will mail out October invoices on the 13th of September). You may either elect to receive hard copies in the mail or they may be delivered by email to the account contact.

As a reminder, payments are due by the 1st of each month.