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Official Parking Guide for Roanoke, VA

On-Street Meter Information
PARK Roanoke is excited to offer modern, convenient multi-space meters on select city streets as part of the City of Roanoke’s on-street metered parking program.

On-Street Meter Information

Since mid-July 2017, the solar-powered, wireless parking meters have been operational on Wall Street SE, Market Street SE, Salem Avenue SE , and Franklin Road SE. Patrons may pay with coins or a credit/debit card. Payment may also be processed through Whoosh! – a mobile phone application.

Meters are FREE after 5pm Monday-Friday, all day on weekends, and some holidays– please reach out to our office to inquire about metered parking on weekends.

When parking, the max allowed time is 3 hours– upon expiration of your 3 hours, you must vacate the zone by 3 hours before you are allowed to return and receive additional time. Upon returning, you would need to compete the vehicle license registration process at the meter as previously done.

Please see attached for a zone map showing the zones of metered locations.

Paid Parking Rates and Increments

First hour: FREE $0.00 (patron must still register their vehicle’s license plate number at smart meter and obtain receipt)

Second hour: $1.00

Third hour: $3.00

Maximum time in a zone: Three hours

The total payment for three hours is $4.00.

How it works - By Plate

  1. Press the white Start Button on the left side of the keypad to begin
  2. Enter your complete license plate number (do not skip numbers or letters, do not abbreviate)
  3. Press the green check mark/print button to continue
  4. Insert coins or card to add time and follow on-screen instructions
  5. Press Print button to obtain a printed receipt Retain receipt as proof of payment – no need to display in windshield

Note: Must Register the full and complete License Plate in Meter and Obtain Receipt for 1 hour free parking. Failure to fully register plate in machine may result in the issuance of a citation. It is important to register, even if you are not staying for more than one hour. Vehicles without the complete, full license plate entered may be subject to issuance of a citation.

Persons with valid disabled license plates or placards are not exempt from the requirement to register at the meter. Those with a disabled plate or placard must register at the meter for one free hour and obtain a receipt; and, pay the rates listed below. The Whoosh! app may be used to register for the one free hour and to pay for additional time. When using the Whoosh! app, there is no need to physically walk to the meter. All paystations are compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

How it works - Video

Watch a Pay by Plate Instructional Video

Watch an instructional video of how to obtain One Hour of Free parking and a Receipt

To Pay by Phone Download Whoosh! from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit It gives you the freedom to pay from anywhere!